Käringsund Resort & Conference

Käringsund is a fabulous place by the sea in Eckerö at the western tip of Åland. This is where Käringsund Resort & Conference is located – Åland’s largest facility with a capacity to accommodate up to 400 people staying in cabins. There are flexible conference spaces and rooms that are fully equipped and laid out in different formations to suit between 10 and 130 people. Conference spaces, restaurants and a party venue as well as accommodation by the sea.


Käringsund Resort & Conference has a wide selection of accommodation. Two exclusive beach villas for 6 people, 17 bungalows with their own sauna for 4+2 people, 20 standard bungalows for 4+2 people. 

Number of conference rooms: 6

Auditorium 130 140 65 40
Room 3 42 30 20 18
Room 4 38 40 24 18
Room 3+4 80 70 44 36
Boardroom 16 10
Breakout room  5 20 18 12 10
Breakout room  6 20 18 12 10


The Restaurang Käringsund can accommodate 140 dining guests. The restaurant is well suited to both gala and party dinners to include music and dancing. In addition, there is a café, a bistro and a pizzeria as well as a large terrace with a pavilion bar and outdoor pool.

Exhibition area:

outdoors up to 16 ha

Further information:

There are plenty of secondary activities to choose from both within the Käringsund facility itself and in the surrounding areas. These include paddling, cycling, team building activities, hiking, boat trips, curling, minigolf, tennis and fishing. The Restaurang Käringsund has both local and international delicacies on its menu and there are themed evenings with a barbecue and musical entertainment to be enjoyed on the ample terrace.


Distance from Eckerö Linjen ferry terminal (Berghamn) 3,5 km
Distance from the airport 30 km
Distance from Mariehamn (Western Harbour) 35 km