Central location

  • 6,700 islands to be discovered, and you can even book an island of your own for your conference
  • An autonomous region located halfway between Finland and Sweden, occupying a neutral and strategic position and boasting an interesting history
  • Åland is like a miniature state where everything is to be found in a small restricted area, where decision-making processes are short and links with local industry and commerce are easy to forge

Easily accessible

  • The conference can start with a few pleasant hours on the Baltic Sea on board modern ships from Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Did you know that over 20 ships put into Mariehamn every day?
  • Daily flights from Stockholm-Arlanda (flight time 30 mins), Helsinki-Vanda (flight time 50 mins) and Turku (flight time 20 mins). Charter flights, helicopter services and taxi boats also available. It is also easy to organise transfers from Arlanda airport to Åland by bus/boat
  • Short distances – the convenience of everything being so close and easily accessible

Inspiring surroundings

  • Åland is a study of contrasts – where modern meets nature
  • Sea views and fresh sea air clear the mind and help to create new ideas – included in all conferences at no cost
  • Sometimes it almost feels as though time has stood still in Åland, in a good way. It’s easier to be present and to focus on the job at hand when there are no distractions from the hustle and bustle outside.
  • A meeting venue – islands of peace