Mariehamn town

Mariehamn is autonomous Åland’s only town – it provides all the services you could wish for from a “capital city” in miniature. Mariehamn has about 11,400 inhabitants. There are places of work, shops, hotels and entertainment. There are also cultural activities, leisure activities, hospitals and restaurants. This is home to Åland’s parliament, Åland’s Provincial Government and several interesting places that are well worth seeing. The town’s total surface area is just 11.6 km2, which means it is close to everything.

Mariehamn was founded in 1861 when Åland and Finland were a part of the  Russian empire. The town was named after Maria Alexandrovna, the wife of the then Tsar. The location of the town was chosen with great care – good connections and communication with the rest of the world were important even then. Mariehamn continues to have a busy ferry harbour and Mariehamn’s airport is located just outside the town.


There are many hotels and guesthouses in Mariehamn, so that even larger conferences can be organised in the town. There are a total of about 500 hotel rooms and about 500 beds in guesthouses and holiday villages in Mariehamn.During major sporting events can the city’s schools even be used for accommodation.

Antal konferensrum:

The Åland Maritime Museum 120 10
s/v Pommern 150
Mariehamn’s town library 365  12-25
Mariehamn town hall 230
Islandia, ice-skating rink
Baltichallen, indoor floorball Court  444  1000
Idrottsgården  200
Miramarparken, outdoor stage
Miramargarage, exhibition areas
The Market Square, outdoor stage
Wiklöf Holding Arena, stand 1600
Conference room 125

Restaurants: Catering

Exhibition area:

Indoor  1764  m2

Further information:

A large number of events and conferences have been organised in Mariehamn. The town of Mariehamn is an experienced host and has a positive attitude to larger conferences and events that generate considerable numbers of visitors to the town and also provide added value to the town’s inhabitants. 2014 saw the Europa Cup and Finnish championships in Laser sailing as well as Kedja 2014, the summer gathering for professional dancers and dance students from the Nordic and Baltic regions. The town hosted the “Union of the Baltic Cities” general conference in 2013. About 200 people took part in the conference. In 2009 the NatWest Island Games were held here, a biennial event that involves the participating members (from various autonomous islands) competing in 15 different sports. The number of participants increased to no fewer than 2000 people.

Distance from the airport 5 km to the town centre
Distance from Mariehamn (western harbour) 2 km to the town centre